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Excellent IUH students win the first prize in the contest "Students with startup ideas" in 2023 27-03-2023

Students of the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City excellently won 01 First Prize with the ECO-HOUSE project to create green agriculture in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery and 01 Consolation Prize with Cordyceps herbal cabinet on household scale in the field of product manufacturing industry at the students Contest with startup ideas,  the main event of Students’ National Startup Day

The Opening Ceremony of STARTUP students will be held at Hue University Hall on March 25, 2023.

This year, the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) has 02 projects surpassing more than 500 projects nationwide to reach the TOP 50 university student cluster. IUH also brought 02 exhibition booths to showcase products at the event. Attending the program, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dam Sao Mai – Vice Rector of IUH expressed: "This year's festival was organized solemnly, professionally, with the attention of Thua Thien - Hue province. Side activities, companionship related to innovation, craft village development in Hue, as well as exchange and connection programs among participating delegations have been interested and promoted by the Organizing Committee. This is also IUH's desire to participate in the program."

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Đàm Sao Mai at the booth introducing ECO-HOUSE products

Highly appreciated right from the qualifying round, the ECO-HOUSE project "Green Agriculture Solutions" by students Ho Thanh Huy (Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technology), Tran Thi Tram (Faculty of Commerce and Tourism), Le Hoang Minh Chau (Faculty of Business Administration) under the guidance of Mr. Thai Duy Tung impressed visitors to the exhibition area. Student Ho Thanh Huy – Project Team Leader said: "Coming from the West, we want to bring farmers technology solutions suitable to their situation. From anywhere, and at anytime, farmers just need to turn on the phone to monitor important indicators such as:  Temperature, humidity, water flow and nutrient content in soil, N-P-K content, pH ... and recognize abnormal problems. The technology can proactively warn and handle promptly, minimizing risks for farmers."

Student Ho Thanh Huy introduced the project to the judges

At the final round, the project had a convincing presentation to the judges and excellently won the first prize in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery.

The excellent group of students of ECO-HOUSE Project "Green Agriculture Solutions" won the first prize at the award ceremony of the contest

Meanwhile, the project of Household-scale Cordyceps Herbal Cabinet Project in the field of Industry was led by students Nguyen Nhan Sam (Faculty of Mechanical Technology), Vo Vu Thuong (Faculty of Heat-Refrigeration Engineering), Le Quoc Bao (Faculty of Heat-Refrigeration Engineering) under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Trung Thanh. It attracted businesses participating in the festival because it’s a commercially viable and highly applicable project. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Bui Trung Thanh said: "This project aims to trade cordyceps herbal growing equipment on a small scale, helping people to have access to suitable farming equipment. The product is an innovative development of artificial environment creation technology thank to its automatic function and convenience. It is expected to help users have a new experience."

Students of the Household-scale Cordyceps Herbal Cabinet Project received the Consolation Award at the Awards Ceremony of the contest

As the 3rd time leading the team to attend the program, Mr. Thai Duy Tung said, "IUH's projects are increasingly professional and invested in both quantity and quality. With humble beginnings in 2020, when one business model idea was unexpectedly selected as a finalist for SV Startup, over 3 years, IUH finally found the formula for success, with a 50:50 combination of technology, engineering and business model, based on the understanding the target customers’ needs." He also expressed his pleasure that this year's Organizing Committee had a part to honor the lecturers who accompanied the project.

Some photos of IUH attending at the festival:

National Startup Day (SV STARTUP) is an annual activity jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Training to implement the project "Supporting university and high school students to start a business until 2025" according to Decision No. 1665/QD-TTg dated 30/10/2017 of the Prime Minister. SV STARTUP 2023 was held in Hue City, Thua Thien Hue province on March 25-26, 2023." According to the organizers, this year's contest " University and high school students with startup ideas" has 508 participating projects; Thereby, 80 projects were selected to participate in the final round (including 50 university- student projects and 30 high-school-student projects. At the program, the Organizers awarded prizes to the winning teams, including: 5 First Prizes for university students, 5 First Prizes for high school students , 10 Second Prizes for university students, 10 Second Prizes for high school students, 15 Third Prizes for university students, 15 Third Prizes for high school students, 20 Consolation Prizes for 20 teams and 4 Secondary Prizes for 4 teams