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Library Center 01-09-2015


Official name: TRUNG TÂM THƯ VIỆN
English name: Library Center

Contact Information

- Address: 12 Nguyen Van Bao Street - Ward 4 - Go Vap District - Ho Chi Minh City.
- Tel: (028) 38 940 390 - ext: 130. Fax: (028) 38946268
- Website/Portal:
- Email:


1. Le Duc Chi – Director.

  • Tel: 083.8940 390 – 130
  • Email:

2. Mai Thi Tam – Vice Director

  • Tel: 083.8940 390 – 203
  • Email:

Functions and Mission


  • Study and apply achievements of advanced science, technology and information systems to information – data work and libraries;
  • Co-operate and connect domestically and globally to develop information – library system;
  • Organize and manage staff, properties, products and services of information – library system at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City.


  • Library Center is responsible for organization, management, supplement, collection and storage of books, newspapers, magazines, tapes, discs, electronic materials, essays, dissertations at the university, publications and other archives; instruction and protection of author rights of documents managed by Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City;
  • Supplement and development of domestic and foreign information resources;
  • Technical treatment and organization, information processing, arrangement, storage, preservation and management of materials and information resources;
  • Serve and direct staff, lecturers and students of the univeristy to explore, find out and use information resources conveniently and effectively;
  • Closely co-operate with departments, faculties, institutes and centers of the university to complete assigned tasks well;
  • Make a training plan to improve professional qualifications, foreign languages, information and technology for librarians;
  • Organize and manage specialists and employees of Library Center in line with qualification and capability of each individual;
  • Organize and manage the entire facility, instruments and materials of Library Center;
  • Make cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign libraries and information centers to exchange materials, professional experience;
  • Make monthly, semester and annual reports on operation status to the School Board and unscheduled reports if required by the School Board, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism;
  • Manage Traditional and Research Department;
  • Direct professionally to 02 libraries: in Thanh Hoa Branch and Quang Ngai Campus under Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City;
  • The library coordinates with the Office of Student Affairs to print and issue new student cards annually;
  • Perform other tasks assigned by the Principal.