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Office of Human Resources and Administration 01-09-2015


English name: Office of Human Resources and Administration

Officers of Human Resources and Administration office

General overview

The Officer of Human Resources and Administration of IUH was established from the Office of Human Resources and Administration which belong to the School of Engineering IV and Industrial College IV on January 11th in 2005 according the Decision of 06/QĐ-TCHC. The office of human resources and administration of IUH is a university which is formed and developed following the tradition of form and development with 60 years.


Consultancy for rector about management, project, management apparatus, using arrangement, training, fostering for officers and teachers, properly applied following the policy of party and government for the officers.


  • About organization – officers: consultancy for rector about HR, proposal for rector about officers, recruitment plan, using plan training and promoting officers following standard.
  • About administration –  general: connect and dispatch the activities of dept according to guidance of rector board, doing business time schedule; receive and issue all the receiving and sending documents, receive and give mails, letters to all officers, teachers and students. Issuing the certificates, introduction sheet, other sheets. Manage, transfer, use the mean of transportation whole university; Statistics report, summarize all duties of university.
  • About internal political protection: be responsible for political security and internal protection, self-defense and national defense, labor safety, fire protection.
  • About archives: manage, use the seal of university legally. Management and legally saving all the documents which receiving and sending according the government rules about archives. Managing the curriculum vitae of officers, saving and security records, some issues about officer management; Manage and save the decisions, announcements and other documents.
  • About reception, diplomacy: greeting the guests; Preparation, serving for conferences, workshops, junkets and meeting of rector board.


The office of human resources and administration has totally 18 members, including 8 men and 10 women. The structure is composed of a manager, a vice manager, 16 staff members (02 masters, 16 bachelors & other levels).

The titles of emulation and reward

  • Certificate of merits from ministry of industry and trade in 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015.
  • Certificate of merits from labor union of ministry of industry and trade in 2014
  • The title of outstanding labor collective in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Certificate of merits from Prime Minister in 2016
  • Some certificates of merits from ministries, central agencies and Ho Chi Minh city

Orient of development

Continuing to develop the solidarity and unification for the office of human resources and administration due to complete the duty of university successfully; promote the application of IT in HR and administration management; encourage the officers in enhancing qualification and skills to completing best the duty according to the developing request of university.

The office of human resources and administration organized periodical meeting