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Faculty of Automotive Engineering Technology 01-09-2015


English name: Faculty of Automotive Engineering Technology
Abbreviated name: FAET

1. Review

Department of automotive engineering technology is established as soon as the foundation of   Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City in September, 2004. The department is now one of biggest unit in the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, has long tradition and numerous staffs of teachers, professors, experienced scientists in the fields of training, research, technology transfer as well as international cooperation.

Department office at Building X, 4th floor

2. Workforce and mission

The department has 29 permanent staff, including one associate professor, three doctors of philosophy, twenty-three masters and two bachelors. The department has specialized laboratories equipped with various modern machines and equipments for training and experiments. Professional disciplines involve 3 subject categories, such as automotive electric, automotive engine and chassis.

The mission of department is to organize and manage the student training process, undertake the scientific research and technology transfer, cooperate with the educational institutes of automotive engineering field at home and abroad, implement the cooperative programs and associate with enterprises, companies, etc… in the field of automotive assembly, repair and maintenance.

Practical workshop

3. Training scale

The department provides various training levels with the 2.900 existing students, including 1.500 of the university degree, 500 of college degree and 900 of vocational college degree and the training time is four years, three years accordingly.

4. Collaborative researches

With the capacity of highly qualified staff, good links to companies and international partners, in last period, the department achived 2 projects of university-level and 4 projects of SCI and ISI. Moreover, the department has carried out many research projects and technology transfer to state enterprises and private companies in the fields of car manufacturing.  Currently, the department is researching about field of passenger car safety.

The simulation for front impact of bus

The department encourages the students in research. The activities such as the student’s Robocon and energy saving fuel research are held yearly and supported by department to improve their skills and knowledge. The hundreds of students are participating in research groups and have being won many awards of university. In addition, department’s students have got the high results in various competitions such as the first prize of the nation’s Skills Competition, and the gold medal of ASEAN Skills Competition in 2004.

The competition of energy saving car

The department cooperates with domestic, foreign universities and research institutes in the fields of the international exchange of students and scientists. Many elite students have been joining to the international research and training programs every year. Moreover, the department has very closed contacts to enterprises in the cooperation framework for grant scholarships, awards, support for practice and recruitment.

The scholarships for student