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Office of Science Management and International Affairs 01-09-2015


English name: Office of Science Management and International Affairs

I. Function

1. Science Management

- Consulting the Board of Rector on managing and developing scientific and engineering research activities to create new knowledge, technical solutions, and products; contributing to performance and enhancement of scientific research. 

- Making strategic plans for scientific research performance.

- Seeking new scientific research theme; organizing performance and execution of Intellectual Property rights. 

2. International Cooperation

- Consulting and coordinating international affairs under direction of the Board of Rector

- Doing reception activities

- Organizing international seminars and conference under direction of the Board of Rector.

- Cooperating with other units in the university to develop international projects.

II. Mission

1. Scientific Management

- Making strategic plan of scientific research

- Developing and managing scientific research

- Reporting scientific research activities

- Organizing scientific conference

- Seeking donation and awards for scientific research

- Motivating scientific research activities

- Transferring outcome of scientific research

- Managing and developing activities of composing teaching textbook

- Organizing, developing and managing annual skills competition activities for students of engineering sector

- Doing internal accreditation of scientific research

- Supporting other activities concerned in scientific research

- Participating in the Council of Science and Training of the university

- Participating in the Council for Professor Title of the university

2. International Cooperation

- Making short-term and long-term plans and programs of international cooperation

- Coordinating international affairs

- Summarizing and reporting international affairs to the Board of Rector

- Doing reception activities for international guests and delegation

- Cooperating with other units in organizing international conference

- Participating in international projects and join academic programs

- Managing operations of representative offices of international partners inside the campus

- Clarifying translating documents


Office of Research Management and International Affairs
Room E3.01, 12 Nguyen Van Bao Street, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 2838 940 390 ext 278 or 568 - Email: