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Faculty of Electronics Technology 01-09-2015


English name: Faculty of Electronics Technology
Slogan: "Innovation for sustainable development"


Faculty of Electronics Technology – Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City
-    Address: Building X, 7th Floor, X7.2 Room - No. 12 Nguyen Van Bao, Ward 4, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.  
-    Phone number: (082)38940390-172.

Founded in the early days of Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, the Faculty of Electronics Technology (FET) is currently one of the top faculties of the University. The FET started with the Worker training in 1976, the Vocational training in 1980, the College training in 1999, the Bachelor training in 2005, the Master training in 2016 and Doctoral training in 2022.

The board of Deans consists of one Dean and two Vice Deans managing 04 training departments. Since 2016, the FET established the (Quality Assurance) QA team to ensure and promote quality in education. The main objective of the QA team is systematic and continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality of training disciplines. At present time, the FET offers a Doctoral programme and a Master programme in Electronics Engineering, 03 Bachelor programmes in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, and Internet of Things and Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Up to now, the FET has 57 faculty members including 55 academic staff (02 professors, 02 associate professors, 20 doctors, 7 PhD students, 24 masters) and 04 support staff, which guarantee fully competence to train for more than 2500 students in all current disciplines and training levels. The FET graduated students have many contributions to the business and social community, including some students who are appreciated for professionalism and work attitude by stakeholders.


The FET becomes a key faculty, being recognized as a leading education faculty in Vietnam and Asian in terms of application-based development and research in electronics technology field, and to meet the demands of the society for high human resources.


Providing high quality human resources with high professional, practical skills, and ethics in terms of electronics technology field, enhancing community and scientific research activities, and focusing on collaboration and technology transfer with partners.