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Vision – Mission - Objectives

Vision – Mission - Objectives



Nationally recognized as a leading applied university for excellence in education, research, technology transfer, innovation, and creativity.

Articulation of the Vision

  • As a leading applied university, we envision ourselves being one of the top ten universities in Vietnam; the university of choice for education and applied research and forging unity and collaboration with schools, faculty students, alumni, partners, and industry.
  • As a leading applied university having a reputation for excellence in education and applied research, we develop application-oriented academic programs in response to the practical needs of society
  • As a leading applied university having reputation for excellence in technology transfer, innovation, and creativity, we embrace, nurture and develop new ideas, start-ups, cooperation, industrial transformation and smartization, and the commercialization of research products.


IUH provides high-quality human resources who have competence, attributes, and ability to integrate globally to contribute to Vietnam’s socio-economic development.

Articulation of the Mission

  • High-quality human resources are those who have professional qualifications that meet practical requirements of society; ability to think creatively; entrepreneurship.
  • Human resources with competence and attributes are those who possess moral values, compassion, and passion in research and learning; logical thinking, breakthrough initiatives, safety mindset, and team spirit; good attitude, working style and responsibility for work.
  • Human resources with the ability to integrate globally are those who are able to adapt to regional and international working environments; have language (English) proficiency to communicate effectively in regional and international working environments and acquire new fields of knowledge; demonstrate strong IT skills to advance new knowledge and modern technology.
  • High-quality human resources that can make their contribution to Vietnam’s socio-economic development are those who are able to increase work productivity to meet the demands of national and international markets; enrich their intellectual and work life through their engagement in community service and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.



  1. 1. Strategic Thrusts

In order to have a state-of-the-art management system and to build an educational eco-system for training high-quality human resources contributing to society, bringing practical values as well as the effectiveness from research activities, technology transfer and international cooperation, IUH Strategic Thrusts are formulated as follows:

To be a premier application-oriented university leading in education, research and technology transfer; promote active community engagement and service; improve vibrant student life and build a state-of-the-art campus; retain and develop professional personnel; strengthen financial autonomy.

  1. 2. Objectives and Strategy

In order to achieve IUH Strategic Thrusts, IUH Objectives and Strategy are formulated as follows:

  • To be a premier application-oriented university leading in education, research and technology transfer: increase the quality of graduates; enhance employability and placement of graduates; increase internationalization of programs; enhance study programs to meet quality assurance standards; increase collaboration with organizations in graduates recruitment; increase high quality national and international publications; implement policy to support researchers in international research collaboration; promote technology transfer.
  • Promote active community engagement and service (Promote community engagement; increase community service; develop effective media for communication): expand active citizen activities in community engagement; promote entrepreneurial activities; encourage students to take part in community service; promote staffs take part in community service; diversify media for communication; develop competence for information and communication personnel.
  • Improve vibrant student life and build a state-of-the-art campus (Improve vibrant student life; building the state-of-the-art campus): develop convenient campus life; build green campus; upgrade teaching & learning facility; state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure; develop E-learning system.
  • Retain and develop high quality and professional personnel (attracting high quality and professional personnel; training and developing high quality and professional personnel; retaining high quality and professional personnel): recruiting professional personnel; diversify recruitment; enhance training personnel activities; increase developing personnel activities; establish strategic competences; implement work arrangements based on personnel competencies; promote working environment; enhance staff income system;

Strengthen financial autonomy (strengthen sustainable revenue; increase investment for strategic areas; implement finance risk management and business continuity plan): enhance revenue through education; enhance revenue through other resources; reasonable investment for human resource; reasonable investment for education and research; reasonable investment for community engagement and student life; enhance budget for risk management; enhance budget for business continuity plan.

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