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Students’ Science Research Workshop at Faculty of Business Administration - IUHBASS III 25-06-2021

At 7:30 am on April 26, 2021, the Faculty of Business Administration solemnly organized the 2021 Students’ Science Research Conference via Zoom Meeting.

The seminar was honored to welcome Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dam Sao Mai – Vice Rector of IUH, representatives of the leaders of functional departments, leaders of the Departments of Economics, the Board of Directors, and the teaching staff of the Faculty of Business Administration, lecturers of the Faculty of Economics of Quang Ngai Campus and many professors, associate professors, doctors, lecturers on and off campus along with nearly 500 students attended.

On behalf of the Board of Rectors, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dam Sao Mai gave a congratulatory speech and directed the workshop. The Faculty of Business Administration has always strived to improve the quality of scientific research activities of lecturers and students. She also expressed hope that the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Business Administration will organize more and more useful playgrounds and academic forums for lecturers and students in various forms.

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dam Sao Mai – Vice Rector giving congratulatory speech and directing the workshop

On behalf of the Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long – the Dean, Head of the Workshop Director Board gave the opening speech and introduced the scientific council. In his speech, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long also presented an overview of the organization plan and the results that the workshop has achieved.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long speaking at the opening of the seminar.

The workshop is an extremely attractive academic program held annually to promote the scientific research movement in the faculty, creating an environment for exchange, connection and sharing of experiences in the community of lecturers and students of economics at the university. In 2021, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the workshop took place online. This has shown the efforts of teachers and students of the Business Administration Faculty with the determination to maintain the research movement which is the faculty tradition.

The delegation presided over the workshop deployed since the beginning of 2021, after more than 5 months of thoughtful preparation, the Organizing Committee has received 75 articles. Through the process of review and careful selection, 46 articles were published in the conference proceeding, 39 articles were proposed to participate in the Young Science Conference 2021. In particular, among those 39 articles, 27 were published on YSC2021 proceedings and 12 proposed articles published in the IUH Journal of Science and Technology. This is a testament to the constantly increasing quality of IUHBASS.

Some photos at the workshop

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