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Research Team - Key to Advancing Scientific Research at IUH 29-09-2021

Recognizing the importance of strong research groups at universities as one of the breakthrough solutions to improve the potential and efficiency of science and technology activities and improve the quality of Vietnamese human resources to international standards, in 2021, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) has issued many mechanisms, the policy aiming to promote the establishment of potential research groups and strong research groups at the university.

Evaluation Council considers strong research group and potential research group via online meeting

Within 02 months of receiving applications, the University has received 05 strong research team establishment profiles in both applied research and basic science; 10 profiles for the establishment of potential research groups focused on the university's strengths such as Mechanical, Electrical- Electronics, Construction, Chemistry - Biology - Environment and Economics.

Potential research team presented to the Evaluation Council

With members of the Evaluation Council being reputable scientists inside and outside the University, with doctoral or higher academic titles, with a professional field, in September-October 2021, the Council will meet with research groups to select groups with good research capacity, create the most favorable scientific environment for scientists to exchange academics, gather forces and jointly approach and solve new problems of science, and thereby improve the quality of scientific and technological human resources, train PhD candidates.

Evaluation Council considers strong research group of the Institute of Environment

In addition, in recent years, the University has also issued many policies to promote scientific research activities at the university such as shortening administrative and financial procedures to accelerate the disbursement, payment and settlement of scientific research projects at the University; Applying Information Technology to information declaration and financial estimating; Increasing the budget for science and technology activities; improving the scientific research capacity of lecturers with training courses, seminars in science, technology, scientific publication; diversifying forms of scientific research: topics, projects, incubators, clubs; supporting the registration of intellectual asset for research products; supporting technology transfer; Strengthening international cooperation in scientific and technological research...

ISI-Scopus article growth chart for 2016-2020

As a result, in recent years, the number of scientific articles published in international scientific journals at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City has continuously increased. Hopefully with the establishment of research groups, in the coming time, scientific research activities at IUH will continue to achieve new successes.