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Closing Ceremony of the 325th AUN-QA Training Program Assessment at IUH 27-04-2023

On the morning of April 27, 2023, at Hall E4, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City held the Closing Ceremony of the 325th AUN-QA assessment of training programs for 4 training programs: Control and Automation Engineering Technology; Mechatronics engineering technology; Computer Science; Quality Assurance and Food Safety.

The closing ceremony was attended by various individuals, including the entire AUN-QA assessment team led by Dr. Maria Elissa J. Lao. Also present were Prof. Dr. Le Van Tan, the Vice Rector, along with teachers from the Party Committee and the Rector Board. The leaders of the Faculty of Mechanical Technology, the Faculty of Electrical Technology, the Faculty of Information Technology, the Institute of Biotechnology and Food, as well as the heads of other units within the school and lecturers, were also in attendance.

Panoramic photos of the ceremony

After spending two days working directly at the University, the AUN-QA assessment team thoroughly examined the documents, evidence, and engaged in discussions. They also interviewed stakeholders, conducted observations, and inspected the facilities to assess the quality assurance conditions. Subsequently, they compiled their findings into a comprehensive report.

During the closing ceremony, the members of the AUN-QA assessment team presented the initial results of their assessment of the training programs. They expressed high appreciation for the notable strengths and achievements in various areas, including the content of the training programs, teaching and learning methods, student assessment, scientific staff, student support services, infrastructure and materials, and post-graduation employment. Furthermore, they assessed the quality assurance conditions based on the AUN-QA assessment scale.

Dr. Maria Elissa J. Lao speaking at the ceremony

Prof. Dr. Le Van Tan, the Vice Rector, extended his sincere appreciation to the experts on the assessment team for their diligent and fair work, as well as for providing objective feedback. He highlighted the importance of addressing the areas identified for improvement in the report and stressed the need for the training units to develop suitable strategies for enhancement. Prof. Dr. Le Van Tan emphasized that the Rector Board and the relevant departments would provide necessary support in this regard.

Prof. Dr. Le Van Tan spoke at the ceremony

At present, the University has 12 accredited training programs recognized by the Quality Assurance Organization of the Southeast Asian University Network (AUN-QA). These 12 programs have received high praise for their meticulous preparation and effective implementation of the quality assurance system.

The Rector took souvenir photos with the assessment team

Some pictures of the assessment team working at IUH: