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Wonderware (by AVEVA) donated the Software Package of Wonderware Educational Consignment for IUH 22-02-2019

On Feb 22, 2019, Wonderware, an industrial software company, a part of Aveva, co-organized with its representative in Vietnam, Q-Systems, handed the industrial software package “Wonderware Educational Consignment” over to the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH).

Wonderware Educational Consignment is a comprehensive tool including all necessary software components for developing and designing application of SCADA and MES, manufacturing, industrial operation, particularly developed for professional institutions. Wonderware is famous in the world in term of capability of developing applications, from the lowest to millions I/O, also, considered as a user-friendly product, easy to adjust, easy to master, and with the high potentials of integrating with almost standard systems/software of the third party.

Wondeware (by AVEVA) expects IUH will apply the software in annual teaching curriculum, providing trainings with good and practical knowledge that makes graduates familiar with Wondeware software that are used in plans in Vietnam and abroad.

Attending the handing-over ceremony were Mr David Toh – Wondeware‘s representative in Asia-Pacific, Mr Ekasit Veerasam – representative in Southest Asia, Mrs Pho Hai Chi – Q Systems’ manager, Mr Nguyen Van Tien – Q Systems’ Technical Manager, Assoc.Dr. Le Van Tan – IUH’s Vice President, leaders, staff and students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Mr David Toh and Mrs Pho Hai Chi directly delivered speeches and handed over the software to IUH’s staff and students. After that, Mr Nguyen Van Tien - Q Systems’ Technical Manager, presented his overall instruction about the software.

The ceremony had completed successfully. At the end of the ceremony, all company representatives and IUH’s members took a group photo.

After the event, distinguished guests and the company representatives paid a visit to the institution and department’s laboratories with additional suggestions on applying the software in education and training.

A good and potential opportunity being opened for students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, particularly speaking, and for students from the institution, generally speaking, that is approach to a world-class industrial software– Wonderware, a greater achievement on a person career.