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Problem-Based Teaching Method Forum 15-04-2022

Within the framework of the BUILD-IT 2022 forum series, under the USAID BUILD-IT project implemented by Arizona State University, on the morning of April 15, 2022, at the Industrial University of Hồ Chí Minh City (IUH), "Problem-Based Teaching methods forum " took place.

The forum attracted the participation of more than 150 leaders and representatives of departments, universities and businesses in Vietnam to share and discuss success stories related to Problem-Based Learning (PBL).

Diễn đàn với chủ đề Phương pháp dạy học dựa trên các vấn đề thực tiễn nằm trong khuôn khổ chuỗi diễn đàn BUILD-IT 2022

The core content of the discussion sessions at the forum is the emphasis on how to train a highly productive workforce through a learning approach based on problem solving. The guests will also share views and perspectives that have been observed over the past 10 years and point out the change in the quality of the workforce in Vietnam. In order to help lecturers understand and apply this teaching method more effectively, the BUILD-IT project has created and implemented a program to develop Certified Facilitator and Master Teacher Training to apply this teaching method to the classroom, help create resources for the workforce to meet the requirements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

In his speech at the forum, Mr. Ace Wilson, Acting CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Intel Products Vietnam said: "With the current demand for high-quality labor, changing teaching methods will bring many positive effects. Intel Corporation is always looking for graduates who can participate in projects as soon as they start working at Intel. Problem-Based Teaching will enable students to confidently solve problems encountered during their work." Therefore, Mr. Ace Wilson appreciated that this change will create high-quality human resources for the labor market in general and Intel Corporation in particular.


As a strategic partner of Arizona State University for the past 10 years, IUH representative, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Đàm Sao Mai – Vice Rector emphasized: "Outstanding projects in the relationship between IUH and BUILD-IT must be mentioned such as building KPI assessment system, ABET accreditation, AUN-QA accreditation, improving the teaching capacity of lecturers with CFT / MTT model, 4.0 teaching application. The results from this cooperation not only bring resonance to IUH as well as bring practical value to students. After graduation, students have jobs and are very well evaluated in the process of working thanks to the practical application to the learning process."

Mr. Jeffrey Goss, BUILD-IT Project Manager and Executive Vice President of Southeast Asian Programs, Arizona State University, shared: "Over the past 7 years, BUILD-IT and its partners have been working with vietnamese faculty and university leaders to integrate Problem-Based Teaching into classrooms and projects all over Vietnam. Today, we want to look back at the changes and positive impacts on students - the STEM workforce in the future. We look forward to listening and sharing about the challenges that need to be overcome to bring the Problem-Based Teaching Approach to the tens of thousands of students who are preparing to enter the workforce."

In addition, within the forum framework, training sessions aimed at promoting problem-based learning in the classes have been held. Previously, April 13 was the training program 'Teaching and learning in the digital era: 8 Skills for successful online learning' by Dr. Robert Schoelfeld - director of the teaching methodology development program, the BUILD IT project. In the afternoon of April 15, the training session themed “Development Plan for a sustainable training institution, prioritizing Project-based as in-class teaching method” attracted a lot of lecturers to participate.

Some other pictures at the forum: