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Meeting with LOTTE-KOICA-IUH Service Training Center (LKIC) 19-03-2018

In the afternoon of March 15, 2018, President Nguyen Thien Tue had a meeting with Ms Lee Sun Ju, the Project manager, and some other staff of LKIC. Representatives from IUH also include Dr Le Van Tan, Vice president, Mr Nguyen Xuan Hong, Director of Personnel and Administrative Office, Dr Le Dinh Vu, Director of the Student Counseling Support Center.

IUH’s leaders and LKIC’s managers at the meeting

LKIC is the first center in Vietnam that is established by LOTTE Group and The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) with the purpose of offering manpower training for service and distribution industry. LKIC is formed under the framework of the Project of ‘Capacity Building Project for Inclusive Development of Vietnam's Distribution Industry’ (LOTTE-KOICA project), which was approved by both Vietnamese and Korean government, and also the outcome of state-private collaboration between government (KOICA, MOIT) and industry (LOTTE), research institutes (ReDI).

LKIC was established and started operation on June 24, 2017 in IUH to provide short- and medium-term training courses for 3 groups of trainees: Job seekers/students, Refresher, and Small trader. So far, 02 skill courses have been conducted for IUH’s staff; 06 short-term courses have been run for trainees from both inside and outside of the university.

President Nguyen Thien Tue is handing souvenir for Ms Lee Sun Ju

In the meeting, Ms Lee Sun Ju, the Project manager, showed her appreciation to the university’s leaders for the given supports and helps concerning the training operation of the center. After a period of working as a manager, Ms Lee is now moving to another working position and replaced by Mr Jin Dong Hyun. On behalf of the university, President Nguyen Thien Tue expressed his thanks to Ms Lee and her colleagues for center effective operation and management in the last few months. He also expressed his confidence in the successful performance of the center under the management of the new director and is looking forward to the new progressive development of the center in future.

President Nguyen Thien Tue is handing souvenir for Mr Jin Dong Hyun

Photos and news: Communication Team