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IUH delegation working and signing cooperation in Canada 25-09-2022

Based on the cooperation between the IUH and major partners in Canada, receiving the invitation of partner schools in Canada, the delegation of the University had a tour and signed cooperation agreements with public universities in Canada.

The delegation of IUH was led by Mr. Phan Hồng Hải – the Rector and Ms. Đàm Sao Mai - Vice Rector visited and worked at the University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Waterloo, and Algonquin College.

The Delegation of IUH working with Algonquin College

After the business trip, many new opportunities were opened in the cooperation between IUH and Canadian universities. The contents of the agenda revolve around the main contents such as:

- Exchange of students and lecturers through the university's scholarship funds

- Development of 3+1, 2+2 joint training programs, ...

- Organize English enrichment programs for students before studying in Canada.

- Organize internship programs for IUH students to participate in and experience the working environment in Canada and receive Canadian students to IUH to participate in internships.

Through this working trip to Canada, the delegation had the opportunity to work and promote the signing of a cooperation agreement with the University of Regina to implement a student and faculty exchange program through the Global Skills Opportunity Fund for students of the two universities. In addition, the delegation also signed a contract with Algonquin College to implement the 3 + 1 cooperation program. Students who participate in this program will have an undergraduate degree from IUH and a Postgraduate certificate from Algonquin School.

Some pictures at the business trip:

IUH thăm quan và làm việc với trường Cao đẳng Algonquin College

IUH đã tham quan và ký MOU với trường Cao đẳng Algonquin

IUH đã tham quan và làm việc, ký MOU với trường Đại học Regina

IUH làm việc với Trường Đại học Regina

Đoàn công tác làm việc với Trường Đại học Waterloo

IUH tham quan khuôn viên trường ĐH Waterloo