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IUH delegation trained and worked in Korea 14-04-2023

Based on the cooperation between the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) and major partners in Korea, accepting the invitation of F1 Security Company, Korea, the delegation of the University had a training trip in Korea from 01/04/2023 to 09/04/2023.

Led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huynh Trung Hieu, the Delegation of Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City HCM comprising of leaders and lecturers of the Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Electronic Technology, Faculty of Electrical Technology, Faculty of Dynamic Technology and System Management Center went to train, visit and work at enterprises as well as educational institutions in Korea.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huynh Trung Hieu – the Vice Rector signed the MOU with Mr. Lee Dae-ho – CEO of F1 Security Company

On the morning of April 5, an important event took place at F1 Security headquarters in Korea. Assoc. Dr. Huynh Trung Hieu, the Vice Rector of the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), represented the university and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Lee Dae-ho, the CEO of F1 Security Company. This agreement solidifies the cooperation between the university and F1 Security, specifically in the field of Integrated Web Security Service (UWSS) product. UWSS is designed to safeguard against website attacks.

During the ceremony, F1 Security generously provided the university with UWSS products and hardware devices, which will facilitate learning, technology exchange, and research endeavors. The total value of this grant package is estimated to be $45,000, highlighting the significant support and investment by F1 Security in fostering collaboration and innovation within the university.

This collaboration presents a valuable opportunity for IUH students to gain practical experience and insight into the realm of web security solutions. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huynh Trung Hieu, on behalf of the school, expressed gratitude to Mr. Lee Dae Ho, the CEO of F1 Security Company, for their support. Dr. Hieu emphasized the responsible utilization of these resources in teaching and training students within the faculty, ensuring that they are utilized for their intended purposes.

After the business trip, there will be many new opportunities opened up in the cooperation between IUH and F1 Security Company, Kyeung In Cns Company, Tovnet Company, NSHC Company, Four in Tech Company and Korea Far East University around the main contents such as:

-Accepting IUH students for internship at enterprises that have signed the MOU

- Training for IUH lecturers

- Co-organizing conferences, seminars and research and technology transfer activities.

- Exchanging lecturers and students between the two universities.

The training and working trip in Korea left a deep impression on the enthusiasm and hospitality of Koreans; thoughtfulness, seriousness in work; and the enthusiasm and wholeheartedness to impart knowledge and experience to IUH lecturers participating in the training. These are the valuable experiences that IUH teachers received. At the same time, it will also promote further cooperation with Korean partners in the future.

Some photos from the business trip:

Sign MOU with F1 Security Company

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huynh Trung Hieu, the Vice Rector of IUH, was honored to receive in-kind grants valued at $45,000.

Signing MOU with NSHC Company

Signing MOU with Far Eastern University

Signing MOU with Tovnet Company

Signing MOU with Keyungin CNS Company

Kí MOU với Công ty Four in Tech

Working with Far Eastern University, Korea