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IUH delegation on experiment learning tour in Japan 12-07-2022

Based on the cooperation between the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) and major partners in Japan, receiving the invitation of August and GO Japan company, the School Delegation had an experience learning tour in Japan from 19/6/2022 to 25/06/2022

IUH Delegation is headed by Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Hồng - Vice Rector of the school and leaders of units in the School to visit and work at Japanese training institutions, enterprises and educational and cultural organizations. The school delegation was sponsored by August Investment and Export-Import Co.Ltd. and Go Japan Co. Ltd. Company (Go Japan) based on the MOU framework signed between IUH and the parties to promote exchange and cooperation in education, research and other related fields.

Members of the delegation visited the gallery of research achievements of Chiba Institute of Technology – Japan

After the business trip, many new opportunities were opened in the partnership between IUH and Kogakuin University, Tokyo University of Technology, Rotary Foundation, Unesco Maine No Mori Cultural Foundation, Chiba Institute of Technology, Honda Industrial Engineering Research Co., Ltd., Tobe Shoji Company, Mitsui Onnetsu Company. The contents of the agenda revolve around the main contents such as:

- Promote academic and cultural professional exchanges between the University and its partners;

- Cooperate training in all systems from undergraduate to graduate.

- Send interns to study and expand work opportunities in Japan for IUH students.

Through visiting and learning from practical experience in Japan this time, the delegation had the opportunity to witness Japan's scientific and technological achievements, modern transportation system, clean landscape environment; to be in contact with Japanese people who are hospitable, polite, modest, hardworking, careful and serious when working, maintaining hygiene in public places, respecting individuals, obeying the law, preserving national identity, attaching importance to rituals, always exploring, creating and seeking to overcome natural disasters. Surely every member of the Delegation has also learned valuable lessons for themselves thanks to this trip.

Some pictures of the business trip:

IUH visited and worked with Honda Industrial Engineering Research Co., Ltd.

IUH visited and signed an MOU with Mitsui Onnetsu Company

IUH visited and worked, signing an MOU with Tobe Shoji Company - a company specializing in recycling and waste disposal

IUH works with Tokyo University of Technology

Đoàn công tác làm việc với Trường Đại học Kogakuin

The delegation worked with Kogakuin University

IUH worked with the Unesco Maine No Mori Cultural Foundation

The delegation worked with Chiba Institute of Technology