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International Students at IUH 16-08-2019

On Tuesday morning, August 13, 2019, the leaders and teaching staff of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FCE-IUH) had meeting with Dr Sani Amril Samsudin, who is in charge of international student exchange programs at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), and discussed on mutual cooperation between the two universities.

UTM is the biggest technology-intensive university in Malaysia with strengths on engineering, biotechnology, information technology, science, artificial environment, geographical information, education, and management.

From June 8, 2019, a group of 3 students from UTM have come and joined in the international student exchange program at IUH in short time and did course project. Under the program framework, the students have experienced 2 researches at FCE-IUH and had internship in industry with guidance from lecturers of FCE. In addition, the students have participated in some projects incorporated between FCE and Ding Co Gas Processing Plant (owned by Petro Vietnam), Vina Kraft Paper Co, Ltd. (owned by SGC Corporation, Thailand), and PV GAS Phu My with the research on Biochar application in wastewater treatment.

UTM students were on research at Ding Co Gas Processing Plant

After nearly 2 months, the research was completed and reported by these students. IUH advisors said: “The students were good at research approaches and problem solutions. Apart from good English qualification, these students were very dynamic in all campus-outside activities. They had serious attitude in study and completed the project report professionally. They have also expressed their excitement and positive response in studying at IUH. Dr Sani A Samsudin expressed his expectation to continuously dispatch teaching staff and students to FCE for study and research as well as experience Vietnamese culture and society. On behalf of UTM, Dr Sani.A.Samsudin was thankful to the leaders, teaching staff, supporting staff and businessmen for facilitating those students during the internship.

Dr. Sani A Samsudin is introducing curricula at UTM

Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong, Dean of FCE provided further information of potential cooperative programs in near future such as co-research and writing papers, co-host international conference as well as offering master and doctoral programs. “IUH and FCE are always want to facilitate students with the best, especially, to international ones, therefore, a new dormitory for international students have been completed and was ready to serve”, said by Dr Cuong.

Dormitory for international students at G9-IUH

The fact of more and more international students coming to study at IUH shows the day-by-day quality improvement, complying with not only national but ASEAN regional and international standards. In 2018, FCE was one of the four faculties were successfully assessed and certified as meeting AUN-QA standards at 116th quality assessment at programme level.

FCE leaders and UTM students were taken group photo.

Some images about UTM students living and studying at IUH:

UTM students were on the first day at IUH

Dr. Le Ngoc Son give the souvenirs to UTM students

UTM students at the International Conference of Removal of Nutrients in Wastewater Treatment via Microalgae and Biofuel/Biomass Production

UTM students are in discussion with IUH professors and students in FCE

UTM students are attending the Graduation Project Defense by FCE students