The campuses of IUH

Developing the Cooperation with the National Dong-Hwa University and the National Ilan University, Taiwan 21-11-2018

From 11th to 14th Nov, 2018, the university delegation led by President, Dr. Nguyen Thien Tue, visited the National Dong-Hwa University (NDHU) and National Ilan University (NIU), seeking and discussing opportunities of cooperation with the two universities. President Chao Han-Chieh at NDHU and President Po-Ching Wu at NIU together with  representative leaders  from academic and functional offices had given a warm welcome and hospitality to IUH’s President and the delegation.

At each university, the delegation was guided to visit campus’ facility supporting teaching, studying and living for faculties and students including lecture halls, study room, practical workshop, library, dormitory, lecturers' accommodation, etc… that were very comfortable and convenient. NDHU and NIU are considered the most convenienced places for teaching, studying, and conducting research.

Discussion among representatives from the universities were very active and effective. Both leaders and representatives from NDHU and NIU showed a very positive and supportive attitude in developing cooperation with the IUH in term of academic exchanging programs for faculties, students and researchers.

This is definitely a great opportunity for IUH’s faculties to study, improving professional skills, participating in research, and teaching at NDHU and NIU. With many preferential interests, NDHU and NIU are also looking forward to receiving many faculties and students from IUH in near future.

On behalf of IUH, President Nguyen Thien Tue expressed his appreciation to the hospitable welcoming of NDHU’s President and NIU’s President and other leaders from both univrsities given the delegation during the mission. Also, expressed his expectation to the achievement of discussed contents coming soon.