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From ideas to start-ups and "billion dollar" projects 08-05-2022

1. Dream of "Starting-up" right at study time​ 

Witnessing his mother huriedly take his younger brother to extra class, Nguyen Ha Minh Thong - a former student of the Faculty of Finance - Banking of Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City popped up the thought of finding a tutor to teach him at home. However, at that time it took a lot of time to look for a personal tutor, and it wasn’t convenient. After two years of graduation, he and his cousin Ha Minh Khoa - a 10-year experienced programmer formed the Edubox project - an application connecting learners and tutors.

Mr. Nguyen Ha Minh Thong (far left) with colleagues at the launch ceremony of Edubox project in 2019

2. "Use short-term goal as stepping-stone towards achieveing the long-term ones"

With the initial "capital" of the knowledge in Banking and Finance that he trained during 4 years at IUH and worked for many different companies, he chose to start a business with the Edubox project, in parallel with teaching stock investing. Mr. Thong used the money earned from teaching to live by and continue to "feed" his project.

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City and The Startup Club have accompanied throughout the implementation of the Edubox project of the alumni. In addition to supporting and advising on the process of bringing the project from idea to commercialization, Edubox has been introduced to IUH students through talkshows, seminar programs. Thereby, the Edubox app comes closer and can help students find part-time jobs as tutors.

Mr. Nguyen Ha Minh Thong shared at the launch ceremony of Edubox application at IUH

Once Edubox had found the right direction, Edubox joined the Shark Tank Vietnam program to raise investment capital. Shark Linh has invested up to 4 billion in the Edubox project. Shark Linh's companionship has partly confirmed his right direction.

Edubox project received an investment of VND4 billion from "Shark" Linh in Shark Tank Vietnam program season 4

3. Pursue study to selfimprove and serve the project

Currently, in addition to the Edubox project, Nguyen Ha Minh Thong is also the founder and project manager of ASPO, more than 3.5 million USD of investment raised for that project, including 2 million USD from hashed investment funds, Icetea labs, GameFi, DaoMaker and Raptor Capital ... and $1.5 million after just over four days of initial NFT Offering.

Currently, Mr. Nguyen Ha Minh Thong is the founder and project manager of ASPO

According to him, "With holding management positions of projects, I feel like I need to improve my level to fit in for the job. After a period of deliberation and research, I was convinced to choose a master's program in Business Administration at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City."

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City always encourages and accompanies students to freely create, come up with start-up ideas. Since 2019, IUH has established an entrepreneurship fund for students with a capital of VND10 billion, to support, encourage students to be creative and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.