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A series of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Vietnam Teachers' Day at IUH 20-11-2022

Joining in the jubilant and exciting atmosphere of generations of teachers and students across the country to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Vietnam Teachers' Day (20/11/1982 - 20/11/2022), teachers and students of IUH have organized many activities to celebrate this important holiday.

March 11 – "Season of IUH Performance Contest"

On 10 and 11 November, IUH Union organized a contest for officials and employees to celebrate Vietnam Teachers' Day 20/11. The contest includes unionized performances in the genres of solos, duets, singing and dancing, fashion shows, dancing, ... elaborately choreographed, beautifully costumed, and the hard-working performances of amateur actors who are unionists throughout the school. The participating performances created a vibrant and colorful music party that satisfies both the needs of listening, seeing and enjoying the viewers.

In addition to the contest for officials and employees, the delegation's grassroots units also organized the Faculty/Institute-level Performance Contest in October and November, in order to send teachers songs instead of gifts.

Writing contest "Teacher's Memory"​

As part of a series of events to thank teachers on the occasion of 20/11, the Center for Information and Communication has cooperated with the Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development of Saigon Branch to organize a writing contest "Memory of teachers". This is a place for students, alumni, and students of the whole school to express their feelings to teachers who have been teaching or are teaching at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. The talk show of the contest took away the tears of the participants, with stories about the love of teachers and students at IUH.

The program celebrates the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese teachers and commends "Outstanding Young Teachers", "Young, Good and Friendly Staff" in 2022

Towards 20/11, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City delegation organized a program to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese teachers and commended "Outstanding young teachers", "Young, good and friendly staff" in 2022. The program was organized to review the glorious tradition of the teacher profession on the 40th anniversary of Vietnam Teachers' Day as well as to congratulate and honor the young, good and friendly teachers and staff who were awarded the "Outstanding Young Teacher",  "Staff, young, good, friendly" titles at the school level in 2022, these are typical examples in professional activities, teaching, research and community service making great contributions to the delegation and the IUH youth movement.

Some other activities

In addition, the Students' Union and the IUH Youth Union organized the program "Handwriting of Gratitude". The students participating in the program will make colorful cards with wishes sent to teachers on the occasion of Vietnam Teachers' Day. The program has received enthusiastic support and attracted more than 300 cards. These cards and flowers were presented to teachers, or staff working at IUH, for three days from 18 to 20/11.

"There's a profession with chalk dust on your hands,

Which is considered the most purified one.

There is a profession that does not grow plants into the soil,

But it brings to life full of sweet fruits and fresh flowers."

(There is such a profession - Đinh Văn Nhã)

On the occasion of 20/11, wish all teachers health and joy to continue the educational career!