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Staff of IUH, 2018 31-12-2018

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) is known as one of the largest educational and training institutions in Vietnam. IUH has 1413 staff members, including 1047 teaching staffs (19 professors, 203 Ph.Ds, 765 Masters) (updated until December 31st, 2018). The University provides 38 undergraduate programmes, 13 Master programmes and 05 Doctoral programmes in engineering and business. A lot of lecturers have taken part in research projects of the university, ministry, city and state level.

In the recent years, IUH has gathered a young scientific and technological staff with professional competence, good teaching skills, which is potential resource of supplement to IUH teaching staff of excellence, devotion and passion and at the same time IUH core staff for the process of development and quality improvement in training.

On the other hand, the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City sets up relationships with universities in the world in term of research and academic collaborations. Recently, 56 foreigners and 55 international faculties have contracted to work for the university. Simultaneously, over 12 faculties of the university have been invited to work for other universities in the region and in the world.

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City