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Office of Postgraduate Management 01-09-2015


English name: Office of Postgraduate Management

Head of department​:

Dr. Le Ngoc Son

Contact information:

Office of Postgraduate Management Department - Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City
Office: Ground 3 Block E – No.12 Nguyen Van Bao street, Ward 4, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Phone number:  (08) 38 940 390 – 106 - Fax: (08) 39 940 954


- Advising and proposing to the Rector about the strategy for development of Postgraduate management program of the university

- Organizing the implementation of synchronous solutions for sustainable development of the university.

- Managing the Postgraduate activities of the university in accordance with the Postgraduate Regulation of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Regulations of the university to ensure the quality of training, regional and world integration.


2.1. Developing the university's Postgraduate development strategy

- To study the Demand of developing the human resources for Master and Doctor’s degrees in Vietnam; Study on the models of Postgraduate management program in the world, select advanced and suitable models that can be applied in Vietnam as well as develop international cooperation in Postgraduate management.

- Be responsible to the Rector for the management of Postgraduate; Coordinate with

departments / institutes and the Functional departments in organization activities and management of Postgraduate.

- Developing and submitting to the principal the development plans, and the training size for Master's and Doctor’s degrees.

- Proposing the needs and conditions necessary for the teaching, learning and research of Master and Doctor’s students for the Rector’s approval.

- To propose to the Rector the plan for the use of Postgraduate funding sources.

2.2. Implementing solutions

- Control the text editing and submiss to the Rector to make the decision on Regulations on Postgraduate management of the university; Developing procedures, rules and guidelines for the implementation of regulations on Postgraduate management; Coordinate with other Functional departments to monitor and supervise the implementation of these Regulations.

- Coordinate with the Office of Scientific Management and International Cooperation in developing strategies for training development and international cooperation; planning international cooperation and exchange on Postgraduate management and seeking international partners in Postgraduate management.

- Coordinate with the Training and Business Linkage Center in developing strategy for training development and business linkage.

- Coordinate with the departments / institutes to determine the majors, the size of the training, the subjects to be recruited, the subjects to be transferred or supplemented and develop training programs for approval.

- Coordinate with the faculties / institutes to organize events to advertise for the ability of Postgraduate training and guidance on scientific research, technology transfer in combination with the survey on the needs of human resource for Postgraduate degrees in local, departments and industrial zones.

- Coordinate with other departments / institutes and relevant units to maintain connections with the alumni of the university to receive their feedbacks, comments and the desire about the program including: training models, programs, lecturers, learning conditions, and responsiveness to business’s demand and social needs.

2.3. Managing the University's postgraduate training activities

- Organizing and managing the enrollment of Master, Doctor’s program; To submit the list of candidates pass the enrollment exam; Carrying out procedures for the Rector to make decisions on the Accreditation of the Thesis defense Council’s members guiding the Master and Doctor’s thesis; Carry out procedures for making reports about the enrollment and the results of admission to the Ministry of Education and Training.

- Coordinate with departments / institutes to plan the teaching schedule; Organizing the teaching activities and monitoring the progress of Postgraduate program at the university.

- Carrying out the management of Master and Doctor’s students.

- Monitoring, checking and certifying the teaching volume; Coordinate with the Accounting and Finance Department to pay salary for the lecturers in teaching and guidance for thesis.