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Terminal Evaluation for JICA-IUH project 15-12-2017

From 11th November to 8th December 2017, the Terminal Evaluation Team have been working with Thanh Hoa campus, Ho Chi Minh city campus and Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT). The 9-member team was led by Mr. Naoki Kakioka - Senior Representative, JICA Vietnam Office. As IUH’s representatives, Dr. Nguyen Thien Tue – Rector and Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu – Vice Rector are together with directors of functional offices and academic faculties had meeting with the Team.

The JICA-IUH Terminal Evaluation Team was discussing with the IUH’s leaders​

The Project for Human Resources Development for Heavy-chemical Industry at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (JICA-IUH Project) has been initiated at IUH's main campus and Thanh Hoa campus since 2014 for Chemistry Engineering Faculty and Mechanical Engineering Faculty. The first batch of HQCP course, undering the framework of the project, had graduated; currently, the 2nd batch is on progress following the Kosen education model. The Kosen education is also expandingly applied to other functional offices and academic faculties.

The Terminal Evaluation Team acknowledged the efforts of IUH leaders, lecturers and students in overcoming both objective and subjective difficulties in the process of applying Kosen model in the project. Especially, the Team highly recognized the establishment of the PMU, Working groups, and Project offices at Thanh Hoa campus and main campus, and also, supporting Japanese experts in the process of Project implementation.

Following the Project Design Matrix including outputs, evaluation criteria, adjustments, etc., at Thanh Hoa campus and main campus, the The Terminal Evaluation Team draws the evaluating conclusion about JICA-IUH project implementation on the 5 criteria, which are judged as high for Relevance, high for Effectiveness, relative high for Efficiency; high for Impact;  and relative high for Sustainability.

On behalf of Board of Rector, Dr Nguyen Thien Tue – the Rector of IUH - committed to continue apply and promote the project achievements. Since starting the Kosen model application, IUH has made significant progress in all activities. At the same time, IUH is also willing to support MOIT to extend Kosen model to other institutions through sharing information and orginazing training courses.

To continue initiating the JICA-IUH extension project, in 2018, IUH plans to send another team to visit and learn Kosen education model in Japan. IUH would like to receive supports from Kosen colleges to the visit and continuous supports from JICA and Japanese Government to the application of Kosen education model in future.

Some photos of the Terminal Evaluation Team working in IUH:

Meeting with IUH’s leaders

Working with the Faculty of Chemical Engineering​

Working with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Visiting a laboratory of Chemical Engineering Faculty​

Visiting another laboratory of Chemical Engineering Faculty​

Visiting a workshop of Mechanical Engineering Faculty​

Visiting another workshop of Mechanical Engineering Faculty​

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