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Faculty of Electronics Technology 01-09-2015


English name: Faculty of Electronics Technology


Faculty of Electronics Technology – Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City
-    Address: Building X, 7th Floor, X7.2 Room - No. 12 Nguyen Van Bao, Ward 4, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.  
-    Phone number: (082)38940390-172.

History of development

Established in the early days of the founding of the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH), the Faculty of Electronics Technology (FET) is now one of the leading faculties in the university. The Faculty began with the worker-training level in 1976, the middle school in 1980, the junior college in 1999 and the university level in 2005. Along with the development of training scale is the growth of the student population from a few dozen in the early years to over 1,600 students in all majors today.

Training program

FET offers training of one Master’s degree program in Electronics Engineering, two Bachelor programs in Electronics and Communication Engineering Technology, and Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, and one college-level program of Electronics and Communication Engineering Technology. Students of FET have high academic achievement, reflected in the results achieved in the national skill competitions. Upon graduation, students make many contributions to the enterprise, in which some students are highly appreciated for their professionalism and work attitude.

Academic staff and support staff

Academic Staff and Support Staff of the Faculty of Electronic Technology.

On April 19th 2017, the FET includes:

– 1 lecturer with the title of Associate Professor

– 13 lecturers with PhD degree

– 07 lecturers with a Master degree, currently PhD student

– 30 lecturers with the Master degree

– 03 lecturers with Bachelor’s degree, now Master students

– 03 lecturers with Bachelor’s degree.

To achieve these results, the lecturers have made great efforts to regularly update and improve their curriculum, syllabus and laboratory system so that the training is in line with the reality and the needs of society.

With the great care of the school’s leadership and under the direction of the Party and the Government, all lecturers of the Faculty of Electronics are committed to “Teach well, learn well and do well”.