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A talkshow between school leaders and students in 2021 22-03-2021

In order to promote the spirit of democracy, express the spirit and responsibility of the school, create conditions for students to meet and discuss with school leaders on issues related to the quality of training, enhance two-way information between the school and students, on March 21, 2021 at E4 hall, the university organized the program "Talkshow between school leaders and students".

Overview of the Talkshow.

Attending and running the seminar, there was the participation of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hong – Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Deputy Rector; Ms. Dam Sao Mai – Party Committee member, Deputy Rector; Mr. Hoang De – Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Head of Student Affairs Department; Mr. Huynh Phu Vinh – Party committee member, Secretary of the school delegation; Mr. Le Dinh Vu – Director of Student Counseling and Support Center. In addition, there are also the participation of head teachers, deputy units, faculty / training institutes and more than 100 students participating in the talk.

Mr. Huynh Phu Vinh – Secretary of the Youth Union reported the survey results

Prior to this, the university also conducted surveys of students' opinions on issues such as: The level of student information capture; Student satisfaction with the facilities; Student satisfaction with teaching, training and assessment; The level of satisfaction of students with the staff’s attitude of assisting students at departments / institutes, units. Positive feedback was given by students on general issues, but there are still some limitations that need to be overcome such as the quality of public wifi access, student parking areas,...

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hong – Deputy Rector reported the results of the 2020 operation and the direction in the following years

During the seminar, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hong reported the results of the 2020 operation and the direction in the following years. Through the report, it can be seen that 2020 is a successful yaer for IUH despite being heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. In particular, for the first time, the university has been ranked 601+ by QS in Asia and the Top 10 in Vietnam, scientific research has many outstanding achievements with the outstanding increase in research works published in international scientific journals (ISI / Scopus), admissions and training met the targets thanks to the timely application of online teaching. However, there are still some limitations to overcome such as facilities, foreign language skills of lecturers, officials and public employees, serving the quality inspection.

Student Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc (Faculty of Law) stated opinion at the seminar

In addition, the dialogue continued to receive many other comments around issues such as facilities, scholarship policies, scientific research, union activities,... Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hong said that the university will receive students feedback and continue to innovate and develop to serve students to study best at the school. To do this, students must coordinate to report problems related to learning, firstly with lecturers, faculty/institute leaders, so that teachers contact management units to solve problems immediately, avoiding negative effects on their teaching, learning and living.

All teachers representing the Board of Directors and leaders of the units participating in the seminar to answer students’ feedback

At the end of the seminar, all issues were answered and given appropriate solutions by leaders. Hopefully students’ contributions will help The Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City to be better and better, aiming at the overall strategic goal of the school to build modern management technology, basically complete the conditions to meet the requirements of training high-quality human resources to contribute to society, creating practical and effective value from scientific research and technology transfer activities, international cooperation.