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The Opening Ceremony for Doctoral degree program (Intake 2) and Graduation Ceremony for Master’s degree programs at IUH 10-04-2019

On April 10, 2019, the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) organized the Opening Ceremony for Doctoral degree program (Intake 2 – Academic year 2019-2021) and the degree-awarding ceremony for Master’s degree programs in February 2019 at IUH (domestic and joint program in conjunction with Liège University - ULg, Belgium).

Attending the ceremony, Associate Prof. Dr. Le Van Tan, Vice President of IUH, and Dr Le Ngoc Son, Head of Graduation Studies Office, together with other leaders and facilities from different departments of the university were on behalf of IUH.
On behalf of Liège University was Professor. Dr. Célia Joaquim Justo who is in charge of managing the Master program of Executive Master in Sciences and Management of the Environment jointed between Liège University and the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City.

The attendants also included new Doctoral students of the 2nd Intake of Doctoral program (2019-2021), new masters who graduated in February 2019 (domestic and joint program in conjunction with Belgium, and especially, student’s parents and relatives.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Le Ngoc Son, Head of Postgraduate Studies, announced the Decision of Recognition of Admission for the students of Intake 2 Doctoral program and Decision of Recognition of Graduation for the master students who graduated in February 2019.

Dr. Le Ngoc Son, Head of Postgraduate Studies, is announcing the Decisions

In the ceremony, Associate Prof. Dr. Le Van Tan, IUH Vice President, delivered his speech with congratulations and encouragement for the 04 new PhD students of Intake  2 (2019-2021) to the new ahead challenges at IUH. In recent years, IUH had consolidated its position to the society in term of providing good quality and highly reputed manpower. He express his belief to the success of those students on their study way with best efforts to obtain invaluable knowledge and professional skills delivered by experienced and talented professors. The university will provide students the best condition for learning environment for studying and doing research.

Associate Prof. Dr. Le Van Tan, IUH Vice President, delivered his speech

Prof. Dr. Célia Joaquim Justo, on behalf of ULg, delivered her speech with congratulations for the new doctoral students and masters. She expressed her wishes that the cooperation between the two universities will continuously and sustainably developed to provide talented students and new research outcome serving community; deeply and widely developing the environmental sciences and management for a large number of learners. It was identify as a necessary mission for the purpose of making people be further aware of protecting environment for green life ourselves and the next generation.

Professor. Dr. Célia Joaquim Justo delivered her congratulations to the new Doctoral students and Master students

On behalf of all new graduated master students, Mr Tran Manh Tin delivered his speech with thanking statements for IUH’s leaders, department’s directors, and teaching staff for their support and helps given students for successfully completing the 2-year program during the last 2 years in IUH.

New Master Tran Manh Tin is delivering his speech at the degree-awarding ceremony

Also in the ceremony, on behalf of new doctoral student of the Intake 2 (Academic year 2019 - 2021), Mr Tran Khai Thuan delivered his speech on personal feeling when being admitted as a doctoral student of IUH. He also expressed his wish of continuously improving his learning capability with professional knowledge; also, impressive with the learning environment in IUH that is considered as an ideal one for their own career promotion in future.  The success in having admission had definitely made a big change to every doctoral student. That is also the key helping open the big knowledge door with better career opportunities.

The new doctoral student Tran Khai Thuan, on behalf of those doctoral students, is delivering his speech

The education quality obtained from operating the master programs in the last few years has, once again, consolidated a new high level in postgraduate studies program at IUIH. The university believes that, together with the university’s leaders, managers and teaching staff accompanied, the students can successfully completed their studies in IUH.

Some photos at the ceremony: