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IUH Students visit and exchange at Kyungwoon, Korea August, 2017 14-09-2017

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding between Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) and Kyungwoon University, Korea (KW), the 14-member delegation of students from Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, IT, Business Administration, and the Institute Biotechnology and Food visited and joined the educational and cultural exchange program with KW’ students in Korea from 18 to 22, August 2017.

IUH’s history of development and current operation of academic faculties were introduced to KW’s professors and students; and vice versa, KW’s leaders and students also introduced their history, training and research activities and facilities, etc., the delegation had a chance of visiting physical facilities of Faculty of Nursing and Health Care, Faculty of Civil Aviation, and some other academic faculties in KW.

KW also arranged a field trip to LG Center for Research and Science Technology and Gumi Center for Support Small and Medium Enterprises where exhibits newly designed equipment and high-tech production lines. In addition, the students of two universities joined together to build Start-up projects in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation. As a result, four projects of IUH’ students under the KW Start-up program framework were approved to have financial supports by KW.

The visit is one of the activities contributing to strengthen the mutual co-operation between the two universities. Through the visit, the students of two universities have the opportunity to know more about the training facilities, culture and human, friendliness and friendship. In addition, professional knowledge and skills were also more updated and expanded, positively affecting their future career goals in future. KW’s leaders appreciated the visit of IUH delegation this time, acknowledging IUH's goodwill cooperation in promoting and deepening the collaboration between two universities.

IUH students were also excited the participation in such an exchange program. They were really impressed with the facilities, training activities and friendly attitude of KW’s leaders, professors and students given them during the visit; and are looking forward to welcoming KW’s leaders, professors and students to IUH in the next time.